Caught Speeding?

If a Miami-Dade County or Florida State police officer has issued you a ticket for speeding or any other moving violation, both moving and non-moving, you might assume your only option is to plead “guilty” and pay the ticket.

But remember—both local and state police are required to follow specific protocol in issuing and filing traffic summonses. And any equipment used in assessing such infractions (such as a radar or laser device used to measure speed) is held to specific standards for maintenance, calibration, and proper use on the part of the issuing officer.

In many cases, officers issuing traffic-related summonses fail to meet such standards. They make errors in writing or filing the ticket, misuse the equipment, or use equipment that has not been properly calibrated. And spotting such errors can often serve as the basis for dismissing your ticket.

No points. No suspension. No costly fines.

Our high degree of expertise, gathered over nearly three decades of practice in this field, means we know what types of errors to look for, exactly how to spot them, and—most importantly—how to get your case dismissed when an office fails to take the appropriate steps.

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